Empowering Voices Through Kindness

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March 19, 2024
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Empowering Voices Through Kindness

🎙️ Season 7, Episode 4: “Empowering Voices Through Kindness” with Barbara Vercruysse

I’m thrilled to welcome Barbara Vercruysse in this 4th episode of season 7 of Inspiring Voices! 🤗

Barbara is a true force of nature when it comes to spreading kindness.

As the Quality Manager and Operational Excellence Lead at a group of BMW dealerships, a writer, mentor, and speaker, she’s all about transforming leadership with a gentle touch while actively empowering women in their personal and professional growth, advocating gender balanced leadership. ✨

She brings her diversified expertise in blending high standards with warmth, creating environments where people not only excel but feel genuinely happy.

Her book, The Path of Powerful Kindness, dives deep into how we can all make a big impact with small, kind gestures, both in our lives and across the globe. 📖❤️

In this episode, we explore:

🌟 How kindness touched Barbara in such a big way, really showing the magic of feeling seen and appreciated.

📚 What drove her to share her thoughts on kindness with the world through her book and what she hopes it’ll spark in us.

🔄 The whole idea that “being kind doesn’t mean you’re weak”, especially at work, and how it’s actually a superpower in making everyone feel included and heard.

👥 How just listening and empathizing can create spaces where everyone feels they matter and can speak their mind.

🗣️ Practical strategies for individuals and leaders to infuse kindness into their communication styles, promoting inclusivity and respect.

Barbara’s bringing a ray of sunshine into the often too-cold professional world, reminding us that being kind is revolutionary.

Join us for this deep conversation that redefines leadership and shows how kindness is not just an act but a powerful force for change. 🌍🎙️ 🎧

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