What the heck is a vocal coaching session?

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May 10, 2023
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August 1, 2023

What the heck is a vocal coaching session?

🎙️ Welcome to Season 6 of Your Voice Matters Podcast – Voice: Behind the Scenes! 🎬

On Episode 1: “What the heck is a vocal coaching session?” you can find:

🎤 How Vocal Coaching is not only related to singing but has a much wider reach than this.

👉 More about my own personal journey as Vocal Coach, and how I struggled to apply the skills I learned to real-life situations (e.g. breathing “correctly”)

🌀 The cycle of learning within a vocal coaching session (and program).

✨And more, like: the importance of setting goals for each session, easy-to-practice exercises that can be done even with your busy schedule and how consistency and regular practice are key factors that lead to noticeable voice improvement.🚀

Stay tuned for more episodes, including solo sessions like this one and engaging conversations with special guests who have corageously gone through a vocal coaching with me. 👏

You can listen to this episode (and future ones) here: https://voicepowerleadership.com/en/podcast/

I would love to know, which fact surprised you the most?

See you soon, and don’t forget: Your Voice Matters 🗣️✨

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